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Keep your vehicles running newer and longer

No matter how large or small your job is, we are sure to see it through to the end and offer top-notch car care services that your vehicles deserve. 

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Trusted Auto Repair Services Dover Delaware

We offer a wide range of auto repair and fleet maintenance services so you can count on us for all your vehicles’ needs. 

1: Towing

With the benefit of our sister company, Harris Towing, we can tow your car to our shop to take care of your needs.

2: Oil Change

Change your oil and filter regularly to promote best engine health and avoid breakdowns.

3: Exhausts & Mufflers

Ensure engine health, prevent noise pollution  and keep toxic fumes out with exhausts and mufflers.

4: Steering & Suspension

Enjoy a smooth ride with your car’s steering and suspension in prime condition and working in sync.

6: Battery Checks

Couple battery checks oil changes so you never forget either, and your vehicles stays optimally powered. 

5: Brake Jobs

Be sure that your vehicle is operating safely by opting for regular brake system inspections.

7: Wheels & Tires

Put regular tyre checks on your maintenance list so you can prevent flat tires, or worse – blowouts or accidents.

8: A/C & Heating

Prevent your car from overheating, keep it cool and improve gas milage with regular A/C system checks.  

Experiencing a unique problem? No worries !

Get a detailed inspection so we can run diagnostics, fix the issue and help you get your vehicle back on the road in no time!


We service a range of customers

Through the decades, we’ve come across many customers with different needs and backgrounds. They all have their stories and want things done a certain way.

To build a culture of inclusivity,  we’ve honed our skills and expertise so First Class Care Care is a go-to service shop for all, from large fleet owners to university students. Our customers mainly fall into four categories: 


Looking for expert maintenance and repair for your fleet trucks?

With 20+ years of fleet experience, latest equipment and skillful mechanics, you can rest easy with your vehicles in our hands. 


Want to schedule a regular vehicle inspection or get detailed car servicing?

We help you keep your car in great shape with oil change, brake jobs, engine check and more. Explore our services to find the one you need.


Do you serve at Dover Air Force Base or US Army Reserve Center?

With a proud history of our father serving in the Air Force, we have a deep respect for his fellow servicemen. Let us take care of your car for you!


Are you a student at Delaware State University looking for low-cost car care and maintenance?

We work with many DSU students to not only provide affordable care but help get your car on the road quickly.


Here’s what our customers say about us…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No. You don’t need to take your car to the dealership to keep your vehicle under warranty. However, wherever you go, you need to save receipts for the services that you avail, and present them while claiming the warranty. This would cost you much less as well! At First Class Car Care, we offer auto and fleet repair services at a fraction of the costs and provide proof of payment so it will not void your vehicle’s warranty.

We understand that you lose money every day your truck is out of service. That’s why we make every effort to repair your fleet trucks as quickly as possible. Just give us a call and tell us your problem – we’ll be sure to move our work schedule around and dedicate an expert to service or repair your truck. Even if we’re fully booked and unable to fit you in our schedule, we’ll recommend you the next best option so you experience minimum downtime.

Currently, we do not service or repair trailers. Our areas of expertise are cars, light-duty trucks and medium-duty trucks.

Discover more on our Blog

Our expert and skilled mechanics and technicians love to pen down their experiences of working on diverse repair and maintenance jobs. Through our blog, they share their expertise, the grind they go through to deliver a smooth-running vehicle, and the bliss of client happiness and user satisfaction.

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