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 Improve Vehicle Performance With Regular Scheduled Oil Changes

Improve Vehicle Performance With Regular Scheduled Oil Changes

Routine maintenance needs are easy to forget. After all, your car still feels like it runs well!

But regular service makes a huge difference. And a routine oil change in Dover is key to improving your vehicle’s performance over time.

Let’s walk through oil changes, why they matter, and the potential pitfalls of ignoring your engine’s needs.

What an oil change achieves

Your engine may hum perfectly, but the premium performance you’ve come to expect won’t last on its own. Routine oil (and oil filter) changes properly lubricate the engine, allowing it to operate at peak levels.

Oil change routines for your vehicle can improve fuel efficiency and output on the open road. It also protects the engine, a costly investment, to help your vehicle maintain its value.

Why your vehicle requires oil changes

You understand the advantages. But what about the potential risks of ignoring your vehicle’s oil change requirements?

Let’s go over them!

First, engine build-up can occur. Excess dirt or “sludge” can wreak havoc on your engine’s functionality. It can damage key engine components, which will cost a lot to replace. Overheating is another concern that can accelerate damage.

In the worst-case scenario, your engine could seize up and fail altogether. That will run you thousands of dollars to address! Why put yourself in that scenario?

Oil change in Dover

When to schedule oil changes

First, you need to find a reliable auto mechanic in Dover to complete oil change service. Once you find the right shop, it’s time to figure out the right routine for this type of appointment.

We recommend every few thousand miles as detailed in your car owner’s manual. Those recommendations may vary based on the make and model. Consult your manual or call us directly to help establish a maintenance routine that makes sense.

A technician you trust will flush the old motor oil in your vehicle, replace it with the proper blend, and install a new oil filter. They can also inspect your engine for any build-up or damage.

Need other service work completed? It’s the perfect time to address tire rotations, brake repairs and other maintenance needs.

Book an oil change appointment today

Are you ready for your next oil change in Dover? Our certified technicians are here to help! Contact us at First Class Car Care today. We can answer any questions you have and get your next important for an oil and filter change on the books.

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